What is ART?

ART is a movement based massage system, which is extremely effective for accurately locating the cause of soft tissue discomforts and effectively resolving (or greatly improving) overuse and strain/sprain conditions. This technique is performed by professionals, who have completed ART training courses and passed rigorous written and practical examinations. ART is one of the only soft tissue techniques in North America with a federal process patent, so only certified ART practitioners are permitted to say they do the technique. ART Corporate Solutions, Inc only utilizes the highest-level ART Providers in the US and Canada to carry out corporate services.

Dr. Michael Leahy of Colorado Springs, CO developed ART, over 20 years ago. He has developed a step-by-step system to insure that the ART providers can accurately define the soft tissue condition and select the appropriate care methods. Dr. Leahy has written 4 comprehensive manuals, produced 12 educational videos and teaches 5 different hands-on courses to educate soft-tissue professionals throughout the world.

ART is very different from any other soft tissue technique in that it is active, effective, and a complete system. First the provider listens to the employee's issues to understand what causes the discomfort. Second there is a provider's hands-on evaluation via palpation. During this portion the provider is searching for abnormalities in tissue texture, movement and function, and he is seeing if he can reproduce the discomfort. Once the cause of the discomfort is identified then the provider follows a series of hands on ART protocols to alleviate an individual's condition in a permanent or long-lasting manner. The care involves a very unique hands-on touch (tension to the tissue) along with precise movements performed by the employee and the provider.

ART is often effective in caring for wrists, elbows, rotator cuff, hands, sciatic nerve, neck, low back, shin splints, soft tissue ankle, and many foot conditions.

In a corporate environment ART is utilized as a wellness program to prevent soft tissue injuries from arising. ART may also be offered for minor discomforts that have not yet escalated to the level of an "injury." In an official letter from the US Department of Labor, it states, "OSHA can not determine that ART generally exceeds what is commonly recognized as massage practices. Based on this determination, OSHA finds that ART is considered first aid for injury and illness recordkeeping purposes."

ART is not Rolfing, Thai massage, Shiatsu, or Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Massage. When ART Corporate Solutions manages and delivers first aid level soft tissue services the therapy rendered is simply a movement-based-massage.



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