Corporate Stretching Programs

CorporateStretching smART strives to train each employee on how to prevent the occurrence and/or re-occurrence of soft tissue conditions. In group-settings, each employee is educated on job-specific stretches, which are essential for them to perform during the work day to prevent a soft tissue condition from developing. These stretches are very quick and simple to perform and no formal break is required to complete them. The ART provider periodically visits employee groups to review and practice the stretches so that they stay fresh in the employee's minds. There are also various posters and forms which depict proper stretches. These printed material aids can be posted at the work station whenever possible to provide additional reminders for employees.

In those companies where more direct employee involvement is desired ART also performs on site employee training and education. In some cases, these training sessions are conducted at employee meetings, quarterly safety meetings, etc. In other situations, specific programs have been designed to specifically address a company/employee need to reduce soft tissue conditions within a specific job category or description. Custom tailored classes and/or DVD stretching programs are developed so they can be utilized throughout the company.

ART's stretching programs are only taught to employees from a preventative wellness standpoint, never in a reactive manner to an employee with a work-related "injury."